Done with school

As a young man recently graduated from high school, I decided to follow in my uncle’s footsteps and pursue training in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. He always encouraged me to go into the HVAC profession mainly because my services would always be in demand. So I enrolled in the training course at the local community college, which was an intensive sixth-month class. Besides the traditional classroom instruction, we received on-the-job training by working with licensed contractors. We participated in hands-on heating and cooling repair and installation in both private and commercial settings. The HVAC controls unit was really challenging. It covered things such as voltage, air quality and resistance, and the tools of the trade for things such as calibration. We also learned about direct digital control systems for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. I found it fascinating how each of the systems maintain water volume and various temperatures. I never realized that people in the HVAC industry are connected to the prevention of pollution. We learned to gather samples and conduct tests to identify possible pollutants. This unit also covered cost-efficient ways to replace old systems and manage new ones. Once the training is complete, there’s a comprehensive certification exam that is quite a challenge. There are several segments to the exam such as general refrigerant and regulation knowledge, small appliances with five pounds of refrigeration or less (such as window air conditioners), and knowledge of equipment using high pressure refrigerant (including residential air conditioners and heat pumps, supermarket refrigeration, and process refrigeration). I feel confident that I’ll pass the certification exam because I haven’t missed a single class and have studied all of the written material. I’ll just be relieved when it’s over and I can actually start making money!



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