Do Cloud-Based Systems Really Offer Advantages?

There are a variety of key benefits of using cloud-based systems for your building.

For the layman, it can seem quite daunting, but it is entirely quite easy.

Let’s look at the first benefit of utilizing cloud-based systems. Continuous improvement is 1 thing the two of us are regularly working toward. You are able to take a look into individual plus overall building operations. This allows you to evaluate energy costs plus compare the performance across several sites. Next is proactive maintenance. It is necessary to cut the problems off before they become a problem. Declining performance in a chiller could indicate of equipment failure. With a cloud-based system, you have the ability to do maintenance before it becomes a crisis. Thirdly is tenant comfort. It used to be highly unlikely that you could keep pretty much everyone glad all of the time. By regularly monitoring the conditions you can ensure comfort is being maintained. Fourth are the real-time alerts. When situations arise, an automatic alert could give you the time you require to take action plus solve the problem. Fifth on the list is crowdsourcing. Because of cloud-based solutions, it is simpler to share information plus enable pretty much everyone to share in the solutions. You don’t need to tackle the project by yourself, but you can use every asset that is around. The second plus final benefit of cloud-based systems is improved services, however it is necessary to be able to arm your people with the common information. Building services are made better when decision makers from corporate supervisors to local maintenance are all in agreement.



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