A fantastic carpet cleaning company that provides a guarantee or your money back

I have to buy more insurance for my carpet cleaning service, if I really plan on working on apartments

I’m constantly cheerful when I can surprise a client at work. I don’t have the most amazing task in the world, but I do extremely important work. I am a professional carpet cleaner, and I can get out basically any spot or stain. I have been in business for five years, and that’s my motto. I’ve been repeatedly tested on many occasions, but I usually am able to find a way to get out hard stains. If I can’t remove the stain, then the client does not pay for the service period. It’s a pretty nice guarantee that gets me a lot of business and plenty of repeat clients. The most difficult stains to get out of carpet are really crayon and marker stains. I have to utilize a special blend of chemicals to remove these horrible stains. If crayon has been melted into the carpet, then I have to remove the wax before anything else, and then treat the stain. Red marker is totally the worst stain, but a little ammonia helps with the color dye. I happen to be one of the only carpet cleaning companies that offers a guarantee on spot repair and treatment. I normally only work with residential clients, but I have been thinking about branching out as of late. My sister manages a pretty nice apartment building, and they have 360 various units. If I was looking to offer commercial carpet cleaning services, then I could entirely get started with this property. I have to buy more insurance for my carpet cleaning service, if I really plan on working on apartments. I might also need to purchase a second truck or hire somebody else to help me out. There are a ton of things that I have to think about, before I make a sizable decision about the business.

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