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The time was right so all of us did it.

My fiance and I made the entirely conscious decision to uproot our family and tranathletic activity to the country.

Myself and my fiance are both born and raised in rural areas. The people I was with and I met in university and our jobs brought us to a big, loud, bustling city. Before all of us knew it, all of us had started a family and settled into city life. And please don’t get me wrong, there is a ton of great things about residing in the city. Everywhere you go is Heating and A/C controlled. There isn’t much you can’t get and at anytime of the day or evening. I’ll absolutely miss the endless take out choices. However, once our kids were getting toward school age, all of us came to a decision. This was the time to tranathletic activity if all of us were going to do it. The people I was with and I both entirely wanted to raise our children in a slower paced atmosphere. And of course the safety aspect is a no brainer. So, all of us bought and older apartment that will need a lot of TLC and some replaces. The first replace will be the Heating and A/C system. There entirely isn’t much of a heating and cooling system in this apartment as it is. There is a woodstove and some fans. I can see the woodstove given the milder winter. But, no cooling system was simply out of the question. Because there are no air ducts in the house, all of us went with multi cut heating and cooling. They were easy to install and have been incredible. I have also been impressed with the energy savings.

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