Who wants to go outside to do anything when it's blazing hot?

When I really think about it, I realize that there is a whole lot to do in this town.

Maybe it seems like a whole lot to me because I grew up in a much smaller community before moving here.

This certainly is a big city compared to where I came from. There are movie and performance arts theaters, museums, a nice beach and boardwalk with some carnival rides, a lot of nice restaurants and other attractions. I am reflecting on all the things to do in the city at the moment because I’m sitting at home enjoying my air conditioner and seeing on the local weather station that the heat index outside is 103 degrees. Why does that make me think of all the things to do in this city? The answer is, because who in their right mind would go out in this heat to attempt to do any of those things? That’s the kicker: summers around here are extremely hot and humid. It makes me feel far less bad about staying home for the weekend and just chilling out under the A/C and watching TV shows or movies and playing video games. Seriously, I went outside to get the mail around 11:30 this morning and it was already ridiculously hot for that time of the day. Sorry, but I’m just not that dedicated to being active! I suppose I have less of an excuse during the cooler times of the year. I still suspect my air conditioning will make it hard for me to leave the house even then!


Who wants to go outside to do anything when it's blazing hot?

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