My energy is focused in the right direction

I have far more bad habits than I do good habits. And it seems like so much of my energy is focused on trying to mitigate my bad habits. I can’t eat what I want or drink what I want. Then there are all the social habits I have to be aware not to bring out in public. Having a conversation is sometimes a real chore due to my potty mouth. That is for sure a bad habit. But, sometimes I feel as though I am focusing far too much on the bad habits. So, I have decided to begin focusing on good habits. I have enjoyed adding more exercise to my life. I decided not to get all hung up on all the details. If I sweat and get some cardio everyday, then I’m happy with that good habit. I’m even focusing on making good habits where my HVAC is concerned. It is a crying shame how bad I have been to my HVAC. I hardly ever think about it. I do get the regular heating and cooling maintenance but that is about as far as it goes. It is inexcusable the number of months I have let go by without changing my air filter. We’re talking about like 5 months. That is so stupid. So, my new good habit is to change the air filter once every single month. I even went out and bought a case of the things. And I put them in the garage where I have to pass by them each day. I think my HVAC will be happy with this new good habit.


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