Geothermal HVAC and My Dream Home

There are a lot of people who just can’t believe that I am choosing to spend my retirement smack in the middle of the midwest region of our country.

  • I’m from the South but have traveled around our country throughout my lengthy career.

Naturally, my friends and colleagues assumed I would retire to the land of the sun. However, I knew some years back exactly where I wanted to spend my retirement years. Quite a few years ago, I lived in the midwest for about 4 years. I loved everything about it. Now, I am building my dream home on about 45 acres of wooded farmland. I have recently chosen the heating and cooling method that will go into my new home. The geothermal HVAC system is my choice for both heating and cooling. The earths near constant temperature is the basis for how the geothermal system works. It uses a long loop that is filled with water or antifreeze to extract energy from the earth to transmit to the house. The water transfers heat and cooling through a series of tubing underneath the floors. During the depths of winter there is a small furnace which supplements the heat energy coming from the earth. This type of HVAC system is certainly a commitment. The upfront costs might be considered expensive. However, if you are looking to stay put, the energy savings far outweigh the initial costs. Additionally, these type of HVAC systems typically last at least 30 years or more. I can’t wait to call the midwest home for the rest of my life.

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