Doing All I Can to Reduce HVAC Impact on Utility Bill

Conditions during the summer can be downright brutal at times.

  • The heat where I live is relentless.

It is simply oppressive. This region places a high priority on cooling during the summer. The problem with that is all the energy an HVAC system can use in an effort to cool a home. I used to just bite the bullet and paid whatever the number was on the utility bill. I didn’t think there was really all that much I could do to effectively reduce it. This is a poor way to approach HVAC use in this area. If that is your attitude then you are throwing away money. It doesn’t take all that much to actually see some utility savings through lessening the HVAC load. A tight house is of the utmost importance. Without a tight envelope, the treated air will spend less time cooling and more time slipping outside. Windows and doors can be the main culprits. Spray foam insulation and weather stripping are key to stopping those leaks. I also went around my home with a caulking gun and sealed every single crack I could find. I then went up to the attic and did the same thing. I paid particular attention to sealing the entire perimeter of the attic. I also employed a smart thermostat which does a far better job than I do managing the HVAC output. It learns your patterns and is able to fine tune the temp settings to take full advantage of every kilowatt hour. Incorporating shades and drapes also did quite a bit to lower the ambient temperature of the house. I also try not to cook inside during the summer. That way I don’t add heat to a house that is trying to stay cool. It’s just all very basic sense really.

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