A hotel room without air conditioning in the middle of the summer

I’m not too far from the coast. So, there is a beach town that I head over to every now and then when I’m looking for some relaxation. When things at work are hectic and I’m really feeling the stress and I happen to have amassed enough vacation days, that’s where I head. It’s especially nice in the summer for obvious reasons! The drive is just shy of two and a half hours long, but let me tell you, it’s worth it! On my most recent trip, I booked a hotel I had not tried yet. I was more focused on my budget and figured that I would give a cheaper hotel a shot. Things did not seem to off when I arrived. The place was basic and simple, but it did not seem dirty or anything. It was when I went into my room that I noticed something was missing. To put it more plainly, the air conditioning would not work! In fact, the air conditioning unit seemed to be dead entirely! I tried another outlet, but the air conditioning would not turn on at all. I stood there for a moment, more than a little annoyed. How could someone overlook the fact that the air conditioner was not working in the room I booked, especially in the summer? On the other hand, did they actually think I was going to stay in a room without A/C? Thankfully, they got me another room pronto that did have a functioning air conditioner. It was a little hitch in an otherwise wonderful little vacay.


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