Should I get rid of the air conditioner?

My spouse & I tried to make an important decision today.

  • All of us had to call an Heating, Ventilation & A/C company, because the air conditioning component wasn’t cooling very well.

All of us didn’t have much air flow, & I knew there must be a significant problem. All of us found out that our cooling system was going to be luxurious to repair. In fact, the heating & air conditioning company told us that both of us need a current blower motor that would cost almost $1,200 to install. The worst part is our refrigerant. Our system is still using the R22 refrigerant, which is going to be obsolete in one more year. All of us have a hard decision, because both of us will entirely need to replace our entire system in a year or several. I believe both of us should spend my money for the current system now, before both of us are in a rush. I am afraid that the heating & air conditioning companies will be able to charge an arm & a leg, when the seasoned systems are illegal. My spouse wants to wait until both of us very need to replace the system, she does not want to spend thoUSAnds of dollars, unless it is 100% necessary. All of us decided to ask the salesperson for another day to believe about our decision, but luckily, it’s only the middle of May & the cooling system is not very necessary. The Spring hot & cold temperatures are only in the 72’s, & that’s on a good, sunny day. It’s cool, breezy, & comfortable this week, & that means both of us can take our time. All of us can take a day or numerous to believe about our decision, so both of us make the right one.
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