Heated flooring is my thing

I guess savor someone is going to bust in and rob the site

For a long time I relied on an old gas oil furnace for heating. The oil furnace was absolutely dirty and on its last life. I could hear a distinct click everytime it turned on and off; While the oil furnace was heating, I was fully aware of it because of the sound. It made a slight screech. So I constantly remembered to turn it off when the weather got warmer. I also could sleep soundly at evening to the constant screech sound. I got used to it. When the oil furnace died I decided to try something new. I got electric heating flooring. I had the floors ripped up and heated mats put down. Since the heat runs electrically, there is no air being blown. The floors just gently start to guess warmer. It is a more polite heating plan and is totally quiet. I did not realize that I would be too stupid to remember when the oil furnace is on when I bought it. I frequently am perspiring in the house and then realize I just left the oil furnace on and outside is in the 80s. I also can’t sleep at evening at all. I was used to the sound lulling myself and others to sleep. Now I am in bed and I hear everything. I hear the wind, the house creaking and any sort of creature outside. I guess savor someone is going to bust in and rob the site. The heated flooring is just too silent and polite for my taste. It is good at providing heating and my bills would be low if I turned it off every now and then.

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