Both of us had a great day there

The other afternoon, I was able to take our family to a legitimately nice zoo, and everybody was a little worried about not being able to have access to temperature control, although I seen that the weather was going to be just right for the trip.

There was overcast weather keeping the afternoonlight from shining directly on everyone, and there was no call for rain.

This made it so the weather hovered in the 60s which I thought was just right for everyone to love the trip… Both of us didn’t even need to use the air conditioner or oil furnace on the way to the zoo. The admission to the zoo was free, however the parking was $25. I thought that was a little expensive for parking, although I believe that’s how they make their money, but regardless, it was a honestly superb experience as the zoo was legitimately beautiful and the exhibits were fantastic. I had honestly gone to this zoo several times when I was younger, although I hardly recognized anything there because the whole locale was entirely renovated. They had air conditioner in various buildings which was nice, however it wasn’t like all of us were warm. Even when you were outside, there were particular spots in the zoo that had these misters, you could simply hit the button, and the mist would spray on you so that you could honestly cool off on a hot afternoon. Both of us didn’t need to use it, however all of us tried it anyway. I was careful not to let too much mist get on me because I didn’t want to be cold. Both of us will honestly be coming back again sometime soon.

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